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About us

PMP Ventilation Ltd, was founded in 1991 by specialists from leading Soviet companies, such as: Santechpoject, Projectpromventilacia and building-assembling trust Promventilacia. Over the past decades our company realized a great number of projects using the old Soviet engineering traditions and accumulated experience.  Recruiting of a very talented youth helped us to raise our skills in design and realization of modern engineering systems as a whole up to a world level. 

In 2006 our company built and started its own factory. There we produce straight air-ducts, air-ducts of standard and non-standard shapes, and various components of engineering systems. At the factory we also store, pack and check all of the products we later deliver to building sites to be mounted. The transportation department is also based on the factorys territory.

Contracts for large and complex projects required the company to be reorganized and led to a more effective control over all of the companys departments.

Nowadays, projects created and realized by our highly skilled specialists are distinguished by high energy-efficiency, circumspect technical solutions, modern high-quality equipment and strict control by the engineering and administrative heads of our company. Finally, after the in-time completion of each project, we provide the client with working parameters of the systems developed at the stage of designing, guarantees of the quality of our work, and all of that without any change in the initial price.

The stem of our company is formed by highly qualified constructors, technologists and engineers responsible for realization industrial, civilian and specialized engineering projects.

Main orientations of PMP Ventilation are:
  • Reconstruction and C
  • omplicated repairs of functioning engineering systems
    • Design of engineering systems of an approved unit, including the following engineering systems: 
    • Ventilation and air-conditioning
    • Central and local cold supply
    • Heating and heat supply
    • Cold and hot water supply
    • Drainage
    • Electricity supply
    • Automation and control of all systems
  • Production, packing and delivery of the needed equipment and materials according to the approved project.
  • Mounting of the engineering systems in the unit according to our own or clients design. 
  • Final adjustments to mounted engineering systems to launch the unit and present the tech passports of all engineering elements.
  • Legalization of all needed documents in the state government oversight bodies and licensing authorities.

Reliability and operational capability of engineering systems in a particular project fully depend on the quality of the work performed. Therefore, choosing a company, it is vitally important to pay attention to its professionalism, experience and reputation. 

Our company is a complex contractor for design and construction of engineering systems mounted in buildings and other structures. The company has all required licenses to work. Our companys structure includes: a department of design, a production factory and a storehouse, several mounting departments, department of adjustments and automated mechanisms, maintenance department, and a fully functioning delivery department. We do all of the work on our own without any help from narrowly specified companies. Our large experience and skills of our employees allow us to realize the most complicated and exacting projects.