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Design and construction of engineering systems for the Moscow Subway.

PMP Ventilation Ltd. created and reconstructed engineering systems of Moscow Subway for four years. In 2010 the company received a contract for reconstruction of six boiler-rooms(heat units?) on stations Voykovskaya, Kachovskaya, Sportivnaya and Universitet. 

We started our work in July with a goal – create designs for all six units and get them approved. We reached the goal in two months and started mounting engineering systems right after. By the beginning of October all of the six units were completely functioning.

Later, closer to the end of 2010 we created designs of ventilation and air-conditioning systems for train movement control rooms at stations Arbatskaya, Baumanskaya and Ploschad Revolutsii. In 2013 we also manufactured and mounted engineering systems on those stations according to our own designs from 2010 in the span of three months.


Later we had many smaller projects that had to do with fire-preventing actions on Avtozavodskaya station, adjacent station-to-station blocks and dead-ends. MONTAZH SСHODOV, VREMENNYH MODULEY. 

From 2011 to 2012 our company mounted and calibrated ventilation, air-conditioning, water-supply, pressurized-drainage systems at Zyablikovo and Borisovo stations and station-to-station blocks between them. Besides those two, we also performed the same type of work at Novokosino station and its adjacent station-to-station blocks.

At the beginning of 2013 we created designs for the reconstruction project of Frunzenskaya station that included designs of ventilation, air-conditioning, heat-supply and water-drainage systems.

In 2013-2014 we completed mounting of all ventilation, air-conditioning, water-supply and water-drainage systems on the pink line stations (Lesoparkovaya st., Bitsevskiy st. and reconstruction on Ulitsa Starokachalovskaya st.) and the yellow line stations (Delovoy Center st. and Park Pobedy st.).


We as a company are proud of the fact that we get to say, “ We took part in construction of the Moscow Subway!”