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Production buildings

Creation of engineering systems for production buildings

Creation of engineering systems for various production buildings is one of the main specializations of our company. Besides creating designs and realizing them on our factory we also manufacture various devices that allow the rest of the produce to work according to the designs. 

Below are the devices we make:

- Dampers and blastgates with different types of actuators.

- Cyclones for powder-painting systems

- Filtration modules for spray-painting chambers

- Tunnels for chemical preparation of products before paint jobs

- Various types of suction units

Here are the most interesting projects realized by our company over the recent years:

-          Avantime (Innovation Centers of “Renault”)

-          Avtoframos (EISENMANN)

-          Angstrem-T

-          Tetra-Pak

-          ALKOA CSI Vostok

-          Tape processing labs (Mosfilm)

-          “Dekor-Stroy” building (Mosfilm)

-          Mars (Sugar Mill Area and Choco Spray block)