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Main - Services - Mounting and calibration

Mounting and calibration

Mounting works can be performed according to our own project or the customer’s project. High qualification of the mounting department allows to perform:

Монтаж инженерных систем любой сложности из металлических и не металлических материалов;
  • Mounting of metal and non-metal engineering systems of any complexity;
  • Mounting and binding of central refrigerating machines with high output capacity;
  • Mounting of central and individual heat-supply units.
  • Electricity supply and automation of the most complicated engineering systems.

The time we take to perform the work is very short. If needed, we work 24/7 (all day and all night).

Calibration is performed in two steps. First step – start and calibration of systems to meet their assigned parameters. Second step – calibration of systems to meet all of the sanitation-hygiene and technological requirements.

As the final step of calibration process we create a technical passport for each engineering system, in which we note all of the parameters established during the process.

  IMG_5479.JPG   Монтаж и пуско-наладка