PMP Ventilation Ltd. creates designs of engineering systems in public, industrial and specialized buildings.

Our company can create designs for buildings at any stage of their construction. We can start our work when the building is only being planned, when the building is completely constructed, or when the building needs to be reconstructed.

After a thorough examination of a particular building or its architecture design, our specialists create a draft of the project that includes architecture-structure designs and technical-and-economic offer. Later the offer and designs are discussed with the customer and all of the remarks are taken into consideration. Then, the designs are restructured according to the customers requirements and approved by the customer. After all, our company creates a technical goal that later turns into finished designs.

We can create designs in one or two steps. One-step designs require radically less time (almost twice less) but is only applicable to simple, large but repeating or secondary projects.

We should notice that some customers ask us for a two-step designing process, but also asks us to only complete the first step due to short time terms. At the same time those customers usually decide examine the building themselves and totally avoid completing the second step of designing. Such cases result in total failures when applied to complex and complicated buildings.

PMP Ventilation can create designs of the following systems:

Heating and Heat-supply systems:


Air-conditioning and cold-supply systems:

Cold and hot water supply

Water drainage:

Electricity supply:

Automation of systems:

Feeble-current systems:

Our company is highly proud of our design department. A creative team of professional designers solves any problems to realize the customers requests in real life. The department is equipped with the most modern automation and visualization systems that allow to speed up the designing process a lot.

For our projects we use both Russian and foreign equipment with no specific preference to each. The only determining factor for the equipment we use is its price-quality ratio.

Our designers thoroughly know all of the technical regulations, fire safety requirements, national standards and energy-efficiency requirements. All of the documentation produced by PMP Ventilation Ltd. conforms to all up-to-date national standards.