We mostly reconstruct engineering systems in buildings that either need to be fundamentally fixed or need to change their function. In those cases, we create new designs starting with a blank page and finishing with a complete design.

One of the important reasons for reconstruction of engineering systems is their low heat-efficiency. Heat-efficiency is a highly important characteristic of a functioning engineering system that is measured in average annual consumption of heat utilities per square meter of the buildings area.

Old buildings have the efficiency factor go up to 80-85 kg/m2 while modern buildings show 24-26 kg/m2.

One of the great challenges in reconstruction of engineering systems is their operation during the reconstruction periods. It is not always possible for our customers to stop the production process and fully give their building into our command for the reconstruction process. The way we organize our work radically influences the duration of the work, because we may be allowed to stop the operational process at the building, pause it for a few hours or work along with the operational process only. Our company has acquired a large experience in reconstruction of engineering systems with the functioning activity of the building taken into consideration.